Nothing Like You - Lauren Strasnick I think this was a book that I could REALLY relate to. It was something that I had gone through. Holly and I went through the same thing and it’s not a joke. This book opened up old wounds I have forced myself to forget.

Holly had a one night stand with popular guy Paul who had a girlfriend named Saskia. She felt so empty because just six months ago her mother died and despite not showing it to everyone she still hasn’t moved on. She knew Paul had a girlfriend and she didn’t care that is until she found out how much a nice person Saskia was. Holly felt guilty but couldn’t bring herself to confess because if she does then she knew she’ll lose her as a friend.

What happened to Holly sort of happened to me too. I was nineteen and I fell in love with someone named Paul (coincidentally). At that time my father died of a stoke and I needed someone to lean on to and he was the one that was there. I knew he had a girlfriend. I knew it was wrong. But why did I continue with it? I was needy for attention and love and he was there to give it to me. He didn’t make me feel alone. But then the unexpected happened, I got pregnant. I saw the worse in him after that so I left. I raised my daughter alone and stood up for my mistake. I don’t regret having my daughter but I did regret having a baby with the wrong person.

I understood what it felt like to lose a loved one. It is devastating. It is painful. It leaves you empty. I loved my dad so much and I think it was why I felt so distraught that I wanted to feel loved even if it meant doing something I don’t want to do. I know it’s wrong. Sex is supposed to be for married people and I knew that now. You only do it if you really love the person. It’s not something to be taken lightly. Sex has its consequences and it was good that Holly didn’t have to deal with the consequences that I had to deal with after that whole affair.

Nothing like You is a vivid look at a teen’s struggle with loss. It gives you a glimpse on the life of Holly who took a wrong turn when she faced the loss of her mother. I know that losing someone is not an excuse to engage in casual sex. It’s still wrong. I did it and it came with a price. I just wish teenagers will think twice before engaging into something like sex. It maybe fun at first but then as it goes along there would be consequences.

I loved how this book could be so short but full at the same time. It was minimalist but jam-packed with lessons to learn and thoughts to ponder. It was not an easy read because the topic itself was sensitive. It did not just dealt with the other woman aspect but also with commonness of teenage kids engaging in casual sex.

If this review sounds a little preachy I am really sorry I didn’t mean it to sound that way but I hope you could understand that this topic is somehow close to my heart because I have been there and I went through something like what Holly had went through even worse I think.

I love books that deal with real issues and this one was one of them. It was an eye-opener. It was real and honest. The manner of telling the story was very effective. I thought the message of the author came across clearly.

Girls please don’t let guys use you. I sympathized for girls who are a victim of sweet-talkers like the guy Paul here in this book. I know there are good guys out there and but there are a lot more that would take advantage of you so please be vigilant. Please look for the signs that the Holly wasn’t able to see or refused to see.

All in all I loved it.
Would I recommend it?
Of course I will.

I give this book 4 stars