That Boy - Jillian Dodd When I think about the guy I want to marry, I think I might prefer someone who knows where they are going. I mean a prince pretty much has his whole life planned out already, doesn’t he? And this is important because I have no idea where I’m going or what I want to do with my life.
As a kid I’ve always believed that my prince would come someday. I don’t mean like a prince with a crown and white horse who live in a palace prince but the prince who will sweep me off my feet and treat me like his princess. I mean who doesn’t want to be treated like that right? JJ was no different.

The story started with Jaydn James “JJ” Reynolds her surprise engagement party that was supposed to be her first date with “that boy”. She was actually complaining about how “that boy” was so sure she was going to marry him and then it suddenly the flashback happened. We get a glimpse on JJ’s life way before she was old enough to date. Everything actually started when one of her best friend Phillip kissed her on the fourth grade and followed by the arrival of her second best friend Danny. The story was told in JJ’s perspective starting from when she was in the fourth grade up to where “that boy” asked her to marry him.

I wasn’t really expecting to have this much fun reading this book. This book was recommended to me by a friend here in Goodreads, Belkis. It has been so long and finally I’m actually reading it. I am so glad I picked up this book! The story line was actually very simple but what makes it great is how it was told. It was written in a journal form. You’ll see how a fourth grade girl grew up to the girl that she was when “that boy” asked her to marry him. I mean not much have changed with JJ. She was still a little immature but I liked her which is unusual for me because I hate boy-crazy and whiny characters but I think I have to make an exception for her. JJ is one character you’ll never forget.

The guys here Phillip and Danny were awesome really! I wasn’t expected to be torn up on JJ not choosing one of them because they are so amazing in their own way. Phillip was this sweet guy who was slightly bossy (according to JJ but not for me! I’d be willing to get bossed around all day by this guy!) and was someone you can depend on when a situation gets tough. He was the type of guy who would stick to you like glue when you’re his friend but will stick to you forever when you’re his girlfriend. Danny, on the other hand, was this jock who all the girls go for. He was sexy and cool but he also respected girls despite him being with so many girls this guy was loyal. When he chooses you, its you. I’m not saying Phillip isn’t one but Danny has a reputation of being with tons of girls so I felt the need to emphasize on that on his case.

If you are looking for a book that would make you smile, feel giddy all over, make you sad and confused over which guy to choose I HIGHLY suggest reading this book. There are tons of things to love about this book starting with the writing style, to the drawings on each chapter, to the characters and finally the ending. It was a major “Awww” moment for me! I want a boy like “that boy”! I want one. JJ always wanted to have a prince that will sweep her off her feet and guess what? She got it!

I would be reading the sequel of this book “The Wedding” soon just so that I would know what will happen to JJ and “that boy’s” love story. I hope everything works out because if not I’ll be waiting in the wings for “that boy”. :)

Of course I give it 5 stars!