Something Like Fate - Susane Colasanti I've read another book not so long ago where the lead female character hooked up with her best friend's boyfriend.

My reaction was:

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I was not at all happy with how that one played out.

But with this book it was an entirely different story.

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It was put in a way that I liked the lead character despite the fact that she fell in love with her best friend's boy.

Lani and Erin have been best friends for as long as they could remember.
But they were different from each other as night and day.
Lani was the environmentalist who usually likes to likes things simple.
Erin was the exact opposite.
She was the outgoing one who does something she wants without hesitation.
Erin started to date Jason whom she thinks was her soul mate.
Lani was okay with the fact that Erin was going out with Jason.
Jason was a good guy and it wasn’t hard to see that.
When Erin went to camp leaving Lani and Jason together that’s when things started to get complicated.
Lani know it was wrong but she was starting to develop feelings for Jason.
What made it worse was the fact that Jason seemed to be feeling the same way.
Lani has to choose between keeping her friendship with Erin or hurting her just for the sake of her getting the guy who she thinks was the guy fate chose for her.

One good thing about this book was that it was relatable.
The plot was not that unique but the characters made it so.
Lani, Erin, Jason and Blake were very relatable.
When we read this book we either see a piece of ourselves with Lani, Erin, Jason or Blake and that was what made this book good.

I do believe in fate but don’t entirely depend on it.
Fate would sometimes intervene but in the end out decisions would still be the last call.
We can make our own destiny.
Though I love how the author used the fate thing in this book.
I definitely look forward to more books from this author.

I give this book a 4! :D