Dreamless - Josephine Angelini MY REACTION AFTER READING THE BOOK:



It's not crying because it's not entirely bad. I am not saying it's bad, its just thatI didn't enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the first book.

Read further to know why.


Starcrossed ended with a huge frustrating cliffhanger! Turns out Helen and Lucas were cousins imagine that?!


Okay going back, Helen is a Descender meaning she is could go down to the Underworld eventhough she isn't dead yet. Why does she have to go down to there? She needs to break the curse of the Furies. It's a very big responsibility for her. To make matters worse, she was forbidden to be with the guy she loves, Lucas(WTH right?!).

To make matters even more complicated, enter Orion (the first Scion) and a Descender as well sent by Daphne (Helen's selfish mother) to help Helen on her task.

Will Helen and Lucas find out the truth about them?
Will Helen be successful killing the Furies and stop the blood feud?
What is Orion's role in all of this?
What is Helen's mother (that sly woman!) up to?


Of course, Starcrossed was one of the first books I've read after I switched from reading mystery novels. It's one of the YA books I've read that really amazed me. I was an immediate fan and after the first book I obviously wanted to get my hands on the second one.

I so wanted to get my hands on Dreamless because I was so sure that it would be as good as or much better than the first one.

So here is my initial reaction:




Lets start with Helen. I've always loved Helen in Starcrossed. Not much of a fan of her here. On the first book she was this real pretty girl with awesome powers plus she wasn't the typical whiny girl who needs to be saved a lot. Imagine my surprise when that all changed in Dreamless. She was the exact type of female lead I hated in books! Gosh if I had those powers girl I would have been kickass and fearless! I wouldn't need a guy to save my ass at all! There wasn't much to like about Helen on this book aside from the fact that she is doing what she is tasked to do without complaint and I think that is admirable. She gets better as the book goes but still she was still a "damsel in distress" for me in this book.

I was extremely disappointed in Lucas. I get that he's in pain that they couldn't be together but give me a break! I mean he could have done research on the problem that they were having or really verify if they were really cousins. I mean people lie and well Helen's mother did. It was up to them to prove her wrong if he was really thinking! But no he wasn't. He thought that making Helen hate him was a good plan or avoiding her or pushing her to Orion. I mean come on Lucas! You are one of my favorites and don't let me down on the third book please! He was also MIA in this book a lot so don't expect to see much of him.

The first Scion Orion was a breath of fresh air. I mean having a love triangle isn't but with the tension in this book I think it was only right that Orion was added. At first I thought I'd get mad at him but then he proves to be one good character. He's good looking, funny and among other things he cared for Helen at the time she needed someone's support the most.

I hated Helen's mother to the CORE!

The other characters doesn't seem to care much about Helen on this book. Its a good thing Orion was there for her.


I want to pull all of my hair out because of how frustrated I was in what happened to them. I loved their relationship in Starcrossed and was totally depressed in Dreamless. The whole "cousin" thing really got me thinking a lot about Filipino soap opera! This is the kind of stuff that I thought you could only get at a Filipino drama series. Turns out I was wrong.


It was fun reading about them. I mean it was kind of innocent for me which is what I liked. Orion was a good guy (at least for now I think). Orion and Helen had chemistry too which was good. And I liked him for sticking around for Helen. Kudos to you ORION!


“Even if it kills me, staying awake and seeing you... is better than any dream.”

“It's not our talents that make us safe or dangerous, it's our choices.”

“You're my invisible sun, aren't you?”


- ORION was the most important highlight for me in this book.

- The mythology was still as good as the first one.


I am a fan of this series and still am but I am just not happy with how things turned out after the second book. I am a huge fan of Ms. Angelini because he writing style is definitely something that I adore.

There were a lot of parts in this book that shouldn't have been there anymore in my opinion. It was so overloaded with stuff that was not necessary. There were tons of new information and before I could process them all new information would be given. I don't know if I am just really slow or there really is a problem with it because as far as the ratings go this book is getting high ones.

There was something missing in this book that apparently was present in the previous one. I just couldn't put my finger on what it is but maybe it was because there was so littl of Helen and Lucas moments I don't really know.

I am getting entirely upset on the Lucas-Helen are cousins drama. I hate the fact that no one seemed to want to find out if Daphne was telling the truth even Lucas and Helen didn't seem to want to disprove Daphne's claim because no one was trying to figure out if its true or not. It's upsetting. Drama like this is the reason why I don't often watch Filipino drama because things like this ALWAYS happen.

I am disappointed. Very actually. But this series for me is still worth finishing. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Helen and Lucas happy and together!

3 stars