Yep! I have fallen crazy in love with this book. I mean I already know Julie Kagawa has a wicked imagination and writing skills but this book exceeded my expectations. Although the The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten share the same world as the Iron Fey series this has an entirely new flavor and excitement to it.

Want to know why?

Read on!


Ethan Chase always had the Sight. Even as a little kid he always had the ability to see the invisible world of the Fey.

Ethan had an unpleasant experience with the Fey when he was younger and not only that but he also lost someone important to him, his half-sister Meghan. For more info regarding this story, you guys should read the Iron Fey series starting with the Iron King.

As Ethan grew up, he learned that the while he has the Sight he could never be close to anyone. It made him elusive and distant. He thought that he was better off alone. He didn't want to let anybody in because he was afraid that when he did they'll only get hurt like what happened to a friend of his, Sam. He's never been the same since.

Starting over at a new school, he had planned everything. Just try to blend in, don't talk to anyone. But it seems that destiny has different plans for Ethan because the more he turns away from the Fey, the more they run after him.

Something was brewing. Something was out there. And Ethan was gonna find out what it is.


To tell you honestly, I already knew this book was gonna be awesome even before I read the summary from GR. I already knew that I was going to love it like the other books of Julie Kagawa.

And I was so right!

I got a extremely sad when the Iron Fey series ended. The world that Ms. Kagawa made on that series was surreal and enthralling and I was really hoping for more. It seems that she heard my prayers.

When I heard about the spin-off, i was enthusiastic that it was going to be another great series. When I read the summary, I was delirious with joy because it sounds awesome already. When I saw the cover, I was fervent. I needed that book!

I would like to thank NetGalley and Harlequin Teen for allowing me to review this book. It is an honor.


Ethan Chase

Ethan Chase, I didn't expect you to grow up to be this rebelious! You are so kick-ass! I couldn't believe it! You were so different from the kid I loved from the Iron Fey series. You are all grown up now and so... effin HOT!

I had a bit of an issue with Ethan at first being rude and distant and all the emo stuff. It was in my nerves a bit but then when you read more about what he had went through growing up you'll understand why he has been like that.

I love reading Ethan's POV as much as I did Meghan's. But this time it was more masculine and more darker than Meghan's.

Ethan did remind me of a certain Final Fantasy character who I also love but will reveal later.

PS: Reading about Ethan now makes me feel like I'm old enough to be his aunt or something. Hahaha. This is crazy! I can't seem to forget that the first time I read him he was so young and now he's all grown up now and so freakin' rebellious, it brings tears to my eyes. Tears of joy to be exact. It felt like I raised a kid! Hahah. What the heck?!

Mackenzie St. James

Oh I got to hand it to this girl, she is awesome. I just love her. I liked everything about her.

There is a lot going on with this girl than meets the eye. She was more than just the dauntless girl who wants to get Ethan's interview. She was more than just the girl who was willing to stay with Ethan despite everything. She wasn't whiny which I totally adored. She wasn't one who makes stupid decisions based on impulse, all her decisions meant something. What that decision is you'll just have to read through the book to find out. :)

What I learned about her near the end of the book was just a surprise. I loved her even more after that.

Prince Keirran

What can I say? I love Keirran because he was the son of the forever love of my life Ash. I have to love him! Just kidding!

He was half-fey, half-human but according to him he was 3/4 human. Which means she takes more from her mother but I very much doubt that. He was an equal of both Ash and Meghan.

Keirran along with Ethan would play a big role on the new developments that has being going around in NeverNever. There was something people around them aren't telling them and they knew it.

Keirran has powers that no one else had. He could weild Summer, Winter and Iron's magic. He was really something. But as they always say, "Great power comes great responsibility". I really wish he won't make some stupid decision because like his father he would do anything for love. I hope he doesn't in loads of trouble because of that.


As usual, this cat still as apathetic as ever. I still loved him though. I missed reading about this vanishing cat!

Meghan, Ash and Puck

I missed these guys. They're still the same guys I've come to love from the original series although a bit more mature at that. I hope we get to see more of them here though. I like Ash being a dad. Seriously, cute. I wouldn't mind him fathering my kid! :)


Ethan and Kenzie's relationship very much reminded me of Final Fantasy's Squall and Rinoa.





Ethan was like Squall because he was all passive and distant while Kenzie was all bubbly and positive. Kenzie touched Ethan in a way that Rinoa touched Squall.

There is a lot of similarities between them but I am not complaining. I loved Final Fantasy 8. Too bad they didn't make a movie out of it because that would have been great!

Ethan and Kenzie's relationship wasn't insta-love! *thank goodness!* It gradually unfolded. At first Ethan, may have thought Kenzie was pretty but he didn't feel attracted to her that much until she got to know her better, likewise with Kenzie.


We all know that Ash and Meghan were from different courts right? And being involved from someone from a different court was forbidden. Well their son sort of fallen in love with someone forbidden too.

Annywl was a Summer Fey who got exiled by Queen Titania because of some stupid reason. Keirran well fell in love. We all know how his father fell in love, this boy Keirran takes that from his father.

I just wish there something good is going to happen to these two.


- Ethan's way of fighting was not like Keirran's. He uses a Filipino Martial Arts technique called Kali that I didn't know existed until now. I am a Filipino and I didn't know the use of Arnis (rattan sticks) was called Kali. This was seriously awesome!

- Ethan was also a highlight. He was a great but slightly annoying character.

- The antagonist for this series was definitely unexpected. I was kind of worried if they were gonna make the Iron Fey bad again but good thing Ms. Kagawa thought of something new and sinister.

- The plot development was awesome. It wasn't too fast, it wasn't too slow. It allows you take in all the details and enjoy the new ones as well.

- The fact that there was no lovetriangle was a big highlight for me. The love triangle in YA books is getting old for me. Good thing that Keirran has his own love story to tell. I mean from what I see on this book. I am not sure what Ms. Kagawa has up her sleeve but I am sure its good no matter what.

- NeverNever was still as spellbinding as ever.

- It was a balance of action and the now and then talks about what is happening around NeverNever.

- I liked that it didn't focus much about the romance aspect. I just wish it stays that way.

- Character development was awesome. Ethan developed gradually which I think was only right because you don't get a change of heart so quickly. Kenzie, on the other hand, was just so perfect for me. The unvealing of the secret was just a surprise for me. With Keirran, I am not really sure. There was something about his character that is still hidden and I want to find out about it now! :p

- The cover was just gorgeous. (don't you agree?)

- The ending was good. I don't like it when books end in a very abrupt cliffhanger. This book didn't. It ended in a way that there is closure for the intial book but still gives way to questions as to how the next book will start and end.


This book is no Iron Fey series but for me it entirely lived up to my expectation and more. There was no place for disappointments for me as I was reading this book. I was just as enthralled as I was when I first read the Iron King. I wouldn't say that this book was better because its not. I'm not saying that its inferior because its not either. Let's just say that they both have a league of their own and I am totally in love with them both.

When I heard of the spin-off I knew that it was going to be amazing and after I read the book I knew I was right. Julie Kagawa was a story teller. It even made me think that maybe Julie has the Sight and she could see them just like Shakespeare that's why she was able to create the very vivid world of NeverNever and its inbelievably real characters.

I have to say though that no matter what happens, Ash would still be the only Fey in my heart. I mean I love Ethan and Keirran but I feel like an cougar falling for these two kids. (seriously, that was how it made me feel. like I'm an old woman crushing on these youngs kids. they could send me to jail for being a pedophile. hahaha) But yeah, I like them and everything but still it will always be Prince Ash for me.

This book filled the void in my heart when I read the last book of the Iron Fey series. I seriously thought I wouldn't be reading anything about the Feys that I come to love but Julie caught me off guard with another one of her masterpiece.

I want more. I am already addicted. I need more of this. It is like a drug to me already. I can't wait for the second book. I want to know who the Traitor Son is. But I think we already have a clue on who it is.