Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare Beloved Will,

Reading this broke my heart.
I am very sorry this happened.
I have been very hostile towards you before but now I understand.
I feel your pain and for that my heart aches that you are in this situation.
I love Jem.
But now I am confused.
I hope things would turn out well.
You have a portion of my heart now.
Please stay how you are now.
Don't change back to who you are before.

Your's truly,


Merged review:

The long wait is finally over.
The long wait was worth it.

Clockwork Prince did not disappoint! Ms. Clare continues to impress me with her flawless writing style and creativity.

Clockwork Prince started where Clockwork Angel ended.

Now, where to start?

I usually give a brief summary of the book prior to me giving my review but I'll make an exception on this one.
I don't want to give any spoilers though I think I still would be whether I like it or not.
The Clockwork Prince was just so good I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs and tell everyone who haven’t read the book to read it.
I am so truly, madly, deeply in love with the Infernal Devices series.

As I have mentioned earlier, Clockwork Prince started exactly where Clockwork Angel left off.
Clockwork Angel left me with so many questions.
The cliffhanger at the end of the Clockwork Angel seriously made me crave for more Tessa, Will and Jem.
Clockwork Prince answered most of my questions.
Mostly it answered my questions about Will.
Tessa's lineage was still a mystery.
I loved the twists on this book.
It just keeps on getting better and better.
There were parts in the book that left my heart beating fast while there were also parts that left my heart aching.
It was very fast-paced.
There were no dull moments.
Clockwork Prince ended in a very surprising way.
It was an ending I didn’t expect.


When I reviewed Clockwork Angel I totally vented out all my hatred towards Will.
I disliked Will.
I detested him.
But after reading Clockwork Prince, I felt ashamed.
I knew in my heart there was a reason for him being like that.
But I chose to judge him.
Lesson learned.
Don't judge people based on how they act there could be a reason behind it and in Will's case there really was.
Will had to act the way he did because he needed to keep people away.
His sacrifice crushed my heart.
This book shed a new light on Will.
He was not who I thought he was.
There was more to him than what I had originally thought.
I feel bad for him too.
Just when the walls around him were finally crumbling, he had to face his biggest heartbreak ever.
I am soooo sorry.

Jem has always been my favorite.
He was like the most perfect guy or boyfriend you would ever meet.
PERFECT for ME not Tessa! Hehehe.
He was the type of guy you bring home to meet your parents.
He was however still sick.
I loved him instantly in Clockwork Angel and I loved him even more in Clockwork Prince.
My Jem definitely came out of his shell.
I was just so freaking surprised about what happened between him and Tessa!
Why oh why JEM!!!
Despite my new found love for Will, Jem my heart still belongs to you.
(Now I know how Tessa feels. Hahaha)

Tessa's character is one of the few that I liked.
She wasn’t whiny.
She doesn’t complain a lot.
She doesn’t have that teen angst that was mostly present on female protagonists.
Maybe it was because she was from the Victorian Era I am really not sure.
I find Tessa very likeable.
Although much was happening around her, it didn’t change who she was.
She was still very much determined to know who she is and why her brother betrayed her.
She was also concerned with what was happening to the Institute.
But I think her main struggle was her feelings towards Will and Jem.
I envy you for having this kind of stress.
She’s so lucky to have two gorgeous boys hovering over her.
There was a certain point in the book that I disliked her though.
I am a bit overprotective of Jem and I don’t want him to get hurt.
If she does, I would really get pissed off.
Anyways, I am not really sure what Ms. Clare is planning on this very complicated love triangle but I have faith that she'll make everything right.


What I love about Ms. Clare’s novels is the fact that even the secondary characters have their own story.

Charlotte and Henry’s struggles were not only those related to the Institute but also their married life.
They weren’t sure what they meant to each other.
Fortunately, everything was cleared out here in the Clockwork Prince.

Sophie and Gideon’s relationship was something I was not expecting.
I thought they were just perfect for each other.

Benedict Lightwood’s actions were due to something much deeper than his interest in the position of the head of the Institute.

Jessamine Lovelace as before still got to my nerves. She was still a spoiled brat who doesn’t listen to anyone but herself. She got what she deserves.

Magnus Bane was his usual quirky self. He helped Will like he helped Jace and Clary. Always the helpful warlock. :D There was a funny scene between Magnus and Will. I was laughing my head off as I was reading that. Wonder what Magnus was feeling then? Was it because of Will that he…? Hahaha. Who knows? It doesn’t matter if it was because of Will that he changed preferences, I still like him. :D

Nathaniel Gray knew something about Tessa but before he could review what it was… Well, you have to find out for yourself.

THOUGHTS AND PONDERINGS after I finished the book.

Just when most of my questions had been answered, more questions had taken its place.
What was Nathaniel going to say?
What will happen to Tessa, Will and Jem now?
What would Mortimer do to Benedict Lightwood?
What would happen to Jessamine?
What happened to Will’s family?
Will they ever find a cure for Jem’s ailment?
Where was the Magister?
Who are Tessa's parents?
Is Tessa part Shadowhunter?
Most of questions from the first book had been answered here but then more questions seemed to appear in its place.
The love triangle between Tessa, Will and Jem just breaks my heart.
Read the book so you'll find out.
Seriously, this book was amazing.
If there were flaws in this book I didn’t notice it because I was so entranced with the story that I didn’t really mind it there were minor slips.
I am so excited to get my hands on Clockwork Princess.
Why does it have to take so long before it gets released?
I would count the days.
I am sure that it would also be worth the wait.