City of Glass - Cassandra Clare OMG Jace! I am so I love with you. Tsk tsk.

Merged review:

Finally finished this book. To tell you honestly, I don't really know what to say.This book really left me breathless. Blissed out. I loved everything about this book. Every little bit of it. It wasn't like Twilight at all. It was much more exciting!

Clary. Jace. Simon. Alec. Isabelle. Magnus Bane. Luke. Everybody has their own personality that I love. Ms. Clare's characters were all unique in their own way which made this series really interesting and fun. It was not boring, lifeless and flat.

Of course I love all the main characters of the book! I mean what's not to love about them? Usually I don't have any comments for the antagonist. I just hate them period. I wouldn't say the say the same for City of Glass though. This book was totally mescmerizing,

Valentine and Sebastian. I so love to hate Sebastian. I think he freaking deserve what happened to him thought I am not really sure if he is still alive. His body was missing. I haven't read city of fallen angels so I am not really sure if he is dead or not. I guess I'll find out when I read it next. :)

One other thing I loved in this book is Magnus and Alec. God that scene was classic! Alec kissing Magnus in front of everyone! AMAZING! Kudos to you Alec. I'm so proud of him. He finally came out of the closet.

Simon. Simon. Simon. Well I was impressed. What else could I say? Aline! You B*tch! ahahahhaaaaaa.. Isabelle. As always I love your style. I envy you.

I am a sucker for a happy ending and the ending of this book was really good! Not really really good buy AMAZING! Jace and Clary could finally be together! Yepeeee.. I was just a little pissed that it took them three books to discover that they werent really brothers and sisters. LOL. Took them some time. I was ready to rip my hairs out because it was taking them sooooo looonngggg to be together. Jace and Clary definitely overshadowed my love for Edward and Bella. I used to be such a TWILIGHT fanatic. Lets face it, this series is way more addicting and exhilarating than my previous favorite (twilight). I mean I still love it but then my heart made a complete 180 degrees when I read this book. I am a convert. :)

Five thumbs up for this series. I loved it from the bottom of my YABOOK LOVING HEART! These are the type of books that make YA BOOKS ROCK!