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This is what I was talking about! Ms. Armentrout! You really know how to make your fans scream out more!!!


Merged review:

Yes! I am extremely happy!
This book exceeded my expectations!


Here are some of the things you need to know about first before I get to the real gist of this book. We all know that the Greek gods were very fond of mingling with humans. And when they mingle with humans in a not so innocent way, the by-products would be the Half-bloods. But of course there was another type of Hematoi (children of the gods) and they were the Pures who were the offsprings of two Pures which basically means both of them are descendants of gods. The Pures were considered as the upper class citizens while the Half-bloods were the second to lower class citizens. There was no equality between the two. The pure-bloods were given all the privileges while the half-bloods either become Sentinels or become slaves of the Pures (talk about discrimination huh?). Union between the Half-bloods and the Pures were also forbidden.

So here is the real gist!

Alexandria Andros was a half-blood. She was the daughter of a pure and a human. When she was thirteen her mother ran away from the Covenant (Hematoi school) for a reason her mother never explained to her. Three years have passed their worst fear came, the Daimons found them. Alex was able to escape but horror filled her because she saw her mother killed before her very eyes by the Daimons. Fortunately, people from the Covenant a Pure named Aiden St. Delphi (the guy she’s been secretly fantasizing over for three years) found Alex and took her back to where she belongs. But does she really belong there? Why did her mother discreetly took her away from that place? What was the secret? Will she ever find out? Will her attraction to Aiden cause her troubles? How will she deal with her mother’s death?

The answers to those would shock the hell out of you!!


This book actually proved to me that first impressions are not always right. This book sucker punched me with its awesomeness!

But okay to be honest my first impression on this book was not good. I read Daimon first because I was told by my friend who recommended this series to read it first and I did. Problem was at that time I wasn’t sure why but the book didn’t give me anything. It didn’t give me the same fired up feeling that I got when I read it the second time. After Daimon, I immediately went and read Half-Blood which gave me ecstatic feeling although out reading this book!

Why did I reread it? Well basically because Daemon from Obsidian made me do it! :p You guys get what I mean!

Yep! First impressions does not last for long especially if there is an Aiden St. Delphi to make you change your mind!


There are a lot of seriously amazing characters here. Of course there’s Aiden Alex.

Alex was definitely my type of girl. She may not be a Pure but she is one hell of a fighter. She was kickass! She was also annoying at times because she has no regard for the rules but even though it’s annoying I still like her. Why? Because she wasn’t the typical goody goody female lead. I hate weak female lead. She does get her ass kicked a lot but still she was definitely a character you’ll love! She was strong. She was outspoken up to the point that sometimes for me it was totally disrespectful already (one thing I didn’t like about her).

I didn’t know what to expect with the male lead character Aiden. I mean yeah Daemon from Obsidian was hot as hell but I didn’t know that Jennifer could create someone as hot as Daemon but in a different way! Ohhh Jennifer! I’d like to know if you have Daemons and Aiden’s hanging out with you there because I want to have one!! Aheeemm. Back to talking about Aiden! Let me just make it short. There is nothing you wouldn’t like about Aiden. He was the perfect gentleman. He was nice even though he was a Pure. He was gorgeous. He was body was chiselled in all the right places. He was totally delicious a total hottie.

Seth was someone I didn’t see coming. Yeah he was the type of guy who you’d like to kick in the groin for being so arrogant! But yeah he has this soft spot too that I didn’t expect to be there. Hope to get more out of him on the next books! And I hope he doesn’t turn out bad because I’d be heartbroken. Oh yeah! Seth is delicious a hottie too just so you guys know!

The supporting characters were there to love and hate too. I love Alex’s friend Caleb. He was a total sweetheart. Leah was a totally Btch! hateful. Marcus (Alex’s uncle) and Lucien (Alex’s stepdad) all played their roles well.


ALEX and AIDEN was a match made in heaven!
If I was to rate this book just based on their chemistry, I would have given this book an immediate 5!
The thing between them was undeniable even without them saying anything about it.
All that pent up tension!!!
Waaaaahhhh! I couldn’t take it!
I want more ALEX and AIDEN!


“Two people see each across a room or their skin brushes. Their souls recognize the person as their own. It doesn’t need time to figure it. The soul always knows… whether it’s right or wrong.”

“People do the damndest things when they’re in love.”

“I was gonna be super pissed in the afterlife if I died a virgin in this crap hole.”


If you are looking for highlights there are a lot but let me just list my faves:

* I am a fan of Greek Myth so it’s pretty important to me that it is used in a way that it won’t be disrespectful to how the Greeks made their gods to be. I am proud to say that this book did not mess it up. Ms. Armentrout just used it and made it relatable to the current times.

* The characters were well developed for me. Kickass female lead and a swoon worthy male lead! What more could you ask for?

* Oh my gods! I love the pace and how the story developed. Usually fast paced books have fewer details on the lives of the characters but this one just had the right amount of information and action.

* The chemistry was out of this world! Alex and Aiden are two characters definitely to watch out for.


Okay so I have read loads of reviews comparing this book to Vampire Academy. Honestly, I wouldn’t know because I haven’t read that yet. But one this for sure, I still would love the Covenant series. Whether I read VA or not, whether or not it’s the same or not, I don’t freakin’ care.

All readers are different. Some interpret things the way they want it to become. Readers have to keep an open mind though that sometimes it may really be just coincidental but really it’s wrong to judge that they plagiarized someone’s work. That is just so wrong. Respect people!

Anyhow, I would definitely be recommending this book especially for those who love mythology like me and for those who want a good paranormal romance novel! It totally exceeded my expectation. It has everything that I could ever ask for in a book plus a lot of add-ons on the side.

Ms. Jennifer Armentrout, you did it again!
You made me squeal in anticipation for your next books!

A very happy group of minions for this book!


5 stars!