False Memory - Dan Krokos


If I was in the library I probably would have looked somewhat like this after reading the book:

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Yeah you got it right!
I AM SO CRAZY OVER THIS BOOK I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PUT IT IN WORDS! Maybe Scarlett Johansson could show you my reactions as I was reading this.
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It was a roller coaster ride and I am absolutely enthralled, excited, breathless and just amazed about how fluid everything when although out the book.
I’m sure you guys want to know what this book is about and why I’m overly crazy over it.


What will you do if one day you woke up and just forget everything that happened to you?
You remember your name but nothing else.

That is what happened to Miranda. She woke up with no memory of how she got where she was and what happened before that. She asks help from a cop because she thought he’ll be able to help her but instead the unthinkable happened. One moment everything was normal and the next there was chaos. Everyone was running around as if it was the end of the world and some of them were actually throwing themselves over railings. In the middle of it was Miranda who had no idea what was going on.

Out of the blue, a guy came who introduced himself as Peter. He assured that he was a friend. He even explained that what happened was because of an ability that they both shared. They were able to release energy from their brains and it could cause confusion and danger to the people around them when used irresponsibly. Hesitant was Miranda might have been she had no choice but to go with Peter for her to find out who she was only to find out later that they were really not who they think they are.


I was seriously hesitant in picking up this book but I grabbed it anyway because I felt I needed a change. I haven’t been much of sci-fi fan but with that said I still loved this book.

The first impression of this book being dragging and boring was completely wrong. It was exactly the opposite. I never thought I’d love this book and completely be hooked to it.

This book caught me off guard just like this ball caught this girl off guard. :p
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Miranda North (the main character) was one kick-ass chick! She was the type of character that I definitely have no problem reading about because she was not like your usual female lead that’s helpless, dependent and as much as I would like not to say it stupid. She wasn’t any of that. She was strong but still feminine at the same time. She may have the capacity to wipe out a whole city but really she’s also just a girl who has girl problems. I am absolutely in love with her. She kind of reminds me of Katniss (Hunger Games) and Tris (Divergent). What I absolutely loved about her the most was that even though she didn’t know what was going on around her (since she lost her memory), she didn’t cry on a corner and felt helpless and feel sorry for what happened to her (she didn’t do any of that crap which is so common nowadays with YA female character). Instead, what she did was embraced the unknown and learned to cope with it.


From the start I knew this guy was going to be amazing. He was smart, compassionate and a sweetheart. Seriously, the moment I read of him I was like OMGoossh another BOOKBF! I liked him already. He was just this warm person that lent a hand to Miranda just when she needed someone the most. This guy is just amazing. He wasn’t the perfect guy because he wasn’t the typical cocky sweet type of guy that I use to always like. In fact he was kind of the opposite. To me he was kind of a shy guy. Although he was the leader of their group, when it comes to matters of the heart he was shy and keeps everything inside. It endeared me to him more.
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If you are looking for the guy who is gorgeous enough to get away with giving snide remarks, then you found him. Although snarky, sarcastic and slightly arrogant for my taste, I liked Noah. I mean at first I thought he would turn out to be an enemy although I’m not sure if he isn’t yet because it’s just the first book but I was wrong. This guy was definitely another eye-candy and a sweetheart too. I felt his pain though because Miranda can’t remember him which is his fault anyways. Noah is Miranda’s boyfriend before Miranda’s memory made a vanishing act. Although he shows a lot of times that he’s tough and all, he was also a softie. By the way, I am a bit pissed with him because of Olive. I think there’s something. Not gonna say what though. :p


I like Olive. She’s just as audacious as Miranda. I like her too. I think the only thing that I found predictable with this novel is her feelings towards Noah. I like her all the same and pity her for what happened in the end. But like Miranda, she was able to cope with the situation.


His character was a surprise for me. Noah said something about the rogue Rose (that’s what the scientist called them). When he mentioned it, I had no clue what to expect of him. Rhys held a revelation that shattered my mind. It was just insane! Mind-boggling.


I hate love triangles or square! I don’t like the drama of the girl being unable to choose between two guys. False Memory had that but it didn’t bother me one bit for some reason and I kind of liked it. It worked for me. The first time I read about Peter, I knew for a fact that they were going to be an item and I was right. But turns out there was a Noah, who was just as sweet and as alluring as Peter and now I just can’t choose who I am going to root for. Both guys have their own reasons for being with Miranda and yes although Noah has been with her before but there’s just this part of me that is silently wishing it’s going to be Peter. But it breaks my heart when Noah feels that someone he already lost Miranda.

Deciding who to choose between these two awesome guys is making my head hurt!!!

There are a lot of highlights on this book and the most important for me was the unpredictability and the consistent action and suspense. There wasn’t a time when I was bored with it. It kept me interested all throughout.

* It had an original concept and the plot was very well written. The twists were unanticipated. I like guessing what will happen next and I would admit that I got almost everything wrong. That rarely happens. That is saying something. 

* A sci-fi books usually have convoluted words that I most of the time could not get and it’s very frustrating when an author drowns you with so much of that, ending up you not enjoying the book as much as you should have. But False Memory has done the exact opposite. It gives you a background on how they were made but at the same time, Dan Krokos made it very easy to understand and follow. Plus it was very believable.

* It had a balanced mix of action/suspense and romance which I am rather more attached to.

* The characters were well-defined. I loved how each of them has their flaws and quirks but all of them worked to make the story work.

* I am always a fan of male authors who could authentically tell as story on a girl’s POV. Mr. Krokos nailed it on this one. He made Miranda’s voice sound so genuine that it’s almost as if it’s a girl or a woman’s whose writing the story. Awesome job!

* The transition of the story was well paced. It didn’t feel hurried even though there were tons of things happening at the same time. It felt like you were right at the middle of it while all the events occur. It was like watching an action film instead of reading it.


”Your power is dangerous. Rage comes to the forefront. This is more than a loaded gun.”

“The looming threat of memory loss is at the front of our minds. I don’t have much to lose. I guess. Two days of memories? But as soon as I think it. I realize I’m wrong. I have everything to lose.”

Peter smiles at me, shaking his head. Behind the smile I can see he’s scared as I am. Blood drips onto his lips. “You never did listen to my orders,” he said.
I smiled back. “Aren’t you glad you’ll have company?”


I think this review has gotten way too long but I think it was necessary. I loved the book and I think it should be given a chance. I know that there had been some issues regarding the author but I seriously I think people should give this book a chance because you are going to be missing a lot by not reading it.

As I mentioned, there are really no words to explain my excitement towards this book and how I’m itching to get the next book and find out what will happen to them. It was a book you’ll easily love and get absorbed in. There are a lot of interesting stuff and concepts that had been introduced to us in this book and I really recommend it to everyone.

If you guys are into love triangles that actually work then I highly recommend this. The love triangle is so good that you’d want the main character to end up with both of them *but of course it’s not possible*.

I have one question though and it kept on bugging me. Why did they name them ‘Roses’?

Anyhoo, I would just like to reiterate that this book was awesome and I recommend it to every YA loving person out there who would like to read a fast-paced novel that is packed with action, suspense and romance, then I suggest picking this book up right now. You’ll get addicted.

A round of applause for this very awesome book!


5 stars.
Sorry for the excessive use of the word “AWESOME”.


There are no words to express how AWESOME this book is! :p
Simply no words!
Tons of action, suspense, twists and revelation it blew my mind!
It was sssoooo f*cking GOOD!
I finished it last night and it was just so UNBELIEVABLE!

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See, even James Franco thinks so. :p