Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Oh WOW!

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Seems like something Daemon would say right?!
First it was Noah Shaw then now Daemon!
Just delicious.
I wanna get married now!!

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“So the dickhead had a name. Daemon—seemed fitting.”


What do you get when you combine a shy girl from Florida and a sexy, arrogant next door neighbor?


What do I think about this book?



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Okay! I think that shows just about how much I love this book! And how absolutely crazy I am of it but at first I didn’t really feel that way towards it.


A lot of my goodreads friends recommended this book to me but I was like “Oh no! Aliens?”. Then I saw a lot of good reviews about it so I decided to grab a copy but still haven’t read it I wasn’t interested. But then this June I just had the urge to open it up and read it.
After just reading a few pages I was in love!
It was like love at first sight!


I love you girl! Well of course not as much as I love beeeepp Daemon but yeah she’s a good and very amusing character.
First, she loves books and she blogs. You don’t often get kickass characters who read and blog right?
Also she was not like most of the other female lead characters in YA books nowadays who are so dependent on their guys that it almost makes me gag just by reading about it.
I hate needy, reliant female characters and Katy was NOT one of them.
And I seriously enjoyed reading about her because she doesn’t take crap from ahhheeem Daemon who was also well a jerk most of the time.
Plus this girl was not stupid.
Yeah well she doesn’t have super powers (and most of the time I think she honestly forget this. Hahaha ) but she thinks before she acts and she thinks about the welfare of other too like.
She doesn’t ogle. Even though Daemon was hot as hell she didn’t. She had thoughts yes but she doesn’t show it to Daemon well expect for the… Hahaha. I wouldn’t want to say when because that would obviously ruin the surprise!


OHHH I could feel myself fangirling again!!!!


Oh Daemon! Where were you when I fell in love with Ash!
You bad boy! You’re making me so unfaithful!
Seriously, once you get a piece of Daemon you’ll definitely ask for more.
Daemon’s character for me was so out of this world. Well technically he is really from out of this world.
He was obnoxious, rude, arrogant and mean. But one thing is for sure though, DAEMON BLACK IS THE HOTTEST GUY I’VE EVER READ!
It infuriate me sometimes that he could be such an asshole when he’s around Katy but when you read his short POV’s at the end of the book you’ll find out why he has to be that way.
All I could really say is he’s more than that.
He is more than the arrogant jerk that he puts off in front of everybody.


They are mean to each other most of the time and I find it really enjoyable to read.
I like how Katy stands up for herself even when Daemon embarrass her she still stick to her guns and stand up tall.
There was really something there whether they deny it or not.
Whether Daemon tries to fight it off by being a douche, he won’t be able to keep that for long.
They’re just so cute.


The plot for me was well executed.
I mean it wasn’t fast paced as I would have wanted it to but everything seem to fall into place.
There were no dull moments nor where there moments that you wouldn’t understand what was going on.
Ms. Armentrout made sure that the readers would devour every scene and every word and every action of the characters.
And she was successful in doing that.
I read her other book but I wasn’t as into it as much as this book.
This book was awesome! I couldn’t even find the right words.


This book gives new light to Aliens.
Well I did like I am Number Four but I don’t think it was as enjoyable to read as this one.
And the writing was just so fluid for me.
It was as if a teenage girl was really telling the story. It was just so authentic.


I would have to say I enjoyed everything about this book start from the characters, the setting, the pace, the plot, the writing, the humor, everything.
I couldn’t find a miss from my part.
It was all too perfect for me.
I mean you all might not agree with me but yeah I think this book was just perfect.
And also did I mention that I love Daemon?! :D

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A PERFECT 5! Or 10! Or 100! :D