Torn - Cat Clarke Alice has a secret.
She has a big secret that is eating her up inside.
She knows something but she couldn’t bring herself to say it.
Something happened to Tara Chambers.
Tara is dead.
Alice knows how she died.
She knows.
But she and three other girls swore that they’ll keep their mouth shut about what happened.
Then Tara’s brother Jack enters the picture.
Alice likes Jack.
Her conscience is killing her.
Jack told her he likes her.
Alice was restless and confused.
Will her conscience win her over and tell Tara’s brother the truth or will she keep the truth hidden forever so that they wouldn’t get in trouble?

Torn was simple and direct to the point.
This book tackled not only the human nature of self preservation but also how human conscience works.

The main character Alice was torn between doing the right thing and protecting herself and her friends.
She knew that if she opens her mouth they all would get in trouble.
Someone ending up dead because of a stupid prank was serious stuff even if what happened was an accident.
Alice was the perfect example of how the author used both the human’s concept of self-preservation and the power of the human conscience.
I mentioned earlier that this book tackled self-preservation.
Alice and her friends kept silent on what really happened to Tara because they needed to protect themselves.
They needed to stir the spotlight away from themselves.
They needed to not let people know that they had something to do with it because if it happens they were going to be facing a major major problem.
They wanted to preserve themselves even if it means that they have to lie to everyone about what happened.

I wanted to slap Alice a couple of times throughout this book because she was a total pushover.
She knew that what Cass and Polly were planning was wrong but she didn’t argue strong enough.
She doesn’t know how to stand up for herself.
There were a lot of things I didn’t like about Alice which is why I loved this book.
It shows us how a teenager would react if given the same situation.
She was imperfectly perfect for this book.
It felt real.
Alice felt real.
Tara felt real.
All the characters seemed so real to me.
Reading this book was like watching a movie.
All the characters have dimension and meaning.
The book was not all about Alice and Tara and what happened.
All the characters had their part to play and they made this book great.
All of them were flawed but great.

Torn was written in a way that you’ll relate to each and every one of the characters.
The emotions were raw and powerful.
This book has so much going on in it.
There are tons of things to learn from this book one of which is to make sure you treat other people in a way you’d like to be treated.
I honestly don’t blame them for wanting to get back at Tara because I feel that she deserved it too but what happened here was just too wrong.
Tara was not all that bad.
I actually felt sorry for her not because she died but because she got carried away with popularity that she threw away a good friendship.

Lies, Secret, Guilt, Love and Friendship made this book.

Would I recommend it?


I give this 4.5 stars!