Terra  - Gretchen Powell This book just left my mouth hanging open!
I couldn’t believe it was over.
Geez! I was so hooked!
It’s not every day that someone who doesn’t really like dystopia likes a dystopian book.
This is one of those times.


See! Even Jennifer Lawrence thinks so!

When Ms. Powell asked me to review her book I was a bit worried. I was a bit worried that I might not like it since it was dystopian. Why don’t I like dystopian books? Well it’s because they give me a picture of what might happen to us in the near future (hopefully not though). Why did I agree to read it? Because I thought it was really worth a shot. I really loved the synopsis in Goodreads and I thought to myself “Why not?” I was very happy I did. I was very happy I didn’t listen to the warning lights in my head telling me to not read the book because it’s dystopian/post-apocalyptic.

What’s so great about Terra?



I’m not just saying this because the author sent me the book in exchange for a review but because the book was really good. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the writing and how very descriptive it was when it came to how hard life was being a terrestrial in X-16 (it’s the place where they live) and also how different life is for the skydwellers.

Anyhow, Terra is told in the POV of our main character Terra. Terra was forced to become independent early because she had to take care of her younger brother Mica. Their mother passed away early and their father (who was a former skydweller) just packed up and left without warning leaving Terra and Mica alone in X-16. The conflict started when Terra found a weird device as she was scavenging the forests. She then surrendered it to have it converted to credits and she unexpectedly got more credits that she hoped for which actually caused her to want to get more of those stuff. So she didn’t trust her instincts to not scavenger for more scraps for a while. She went to get some more, got into trouble and then ended up meeting mysterious Adam who got left behind by his crew and who is also harbouring a very important secret.

This was very new to me actually. I mean the whole dystopian feel wasn’t but the story itself was different. There was still a division of the rich and poor people just like in the Hunger Games and here the distinction is very obvious: if you’re a skydweller, you’re rich but if you’re a terrestrial you’re poor. But it’s not only that. There are a whole lot more. There was the lack of technology and why they were prohibited too much technology and why it was such a big deal when Terra found that broken machine. There were a lot of secrets and a lot of mystery that I wasn’t expecting actually. I actually thought it was just pure dystopian but I was so darn wrong. It was so unexpected. It left me absolutely speechless.

The characters were likeable. I liked Terra even though she was too stubborn for her own good. She also has a smart mouth. She is annoying sometimes but not too much that I hated her. In cases like this it’s okay for the main character to be annoying because it’s not too much. One thing I loved about her is her love for her brother. I know it will remind you of another dystopian book that almost everyone knows but I’ll have to disappoint you and say that this book is NOTHING like the Hunger Games. They are both dystopian books, yes, and they both love their sibling but I think that is where the similarity stops. I think Terra would kinda look like this girl. I couldn’t find a celebrity that would fit her perfectly in my mind.


Did I already talk about Adam? I don’t think so. I won’t tell you much about Adam because if I do, I’ll end up revealing more about him than I should and that is not going to be so nice. Hahaha. Anyhow, I liked Adam, how he is mature and but a little reckless too. He is my type of guy. I just didn’t like that he kept it a secret too long but he was right though about Terra assuming what he was. Hahaha. Jeezzzz. I don’t want to talk anymore or I’ll end up a spoiler. Anyway, I kind of think Adam would look somewhat like this with blond hair and blue cerulean eyes and all.


Mica (Terra’s brother) was so good. I liked how he was so smart and understanding but also a pain-in-the-butt sometimes. I think his character works just fine in the book and I hope to see more of him on the next books.

Some dystopian books focus more on the romance rather than the dystopian theme itself; this book was not one of them. I mean yeah there was a bit of romance (sadly it felt a little insta-love to me but I liked it still) but it wasn’t really the main focus of the book for me. I am not sure if everyone will agree with me but yeah I didn’t really feel much of the connection and chemistry until towards the end. The romance was just an added bonus for me.

Lastly, the last few chapters of this book just caught me off guard. Just when I thought it was going to be the ending it turns out it wasn’t yet. Geeez! I really can’t wait for the next book! I want to get it in my hands already so I’ll know what will happen next. I seriously want to know if the evil plans will push through or if there are more twists along the way. I want to know everything!

Was this an awesome debut?

I would have to say thank you to Ms. Powell for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book. It did not in any way affect my review and rating of this book. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you all go read the book yourself so you’ll find out. ^^,

I seriously fell in love with this book.


I read this book not knowing what was in it.
Imagine my surprise when I get more than what I thought I was going to get.
There was just surprise after surprise!
Damn this was so good for a debut!


Review to follow.