Choices (Choices, #1) - Annie Brewer “Do not be afraid. Look fear in the face and say, "fuck you" and move on.”

Gracie has to make a choice.

At 17, she got pregnant by her quarterback boyfriend Nick.

She told Nick but he bailed on her.

She was forced to make a decision that was supposed to be too early for her to make.

She decided to keep the baby.

Being a single mom was going to be hard and she was aware of that.

What she wasn’t expecting was meeting Carter. The older hot, sexy, totally drool-worthyand more mature guy who was there for Gracie when she needed it most.

Just when things were going well with Gracie and Carter, Nick turns up and confessed he wants Gracie back.

Aside from keeping the baby, Gracie will now have to make another choice.

Will she choose to Carter who has been with her when she needed it the most or will she choose to forgive Nick and try to be a happy family?

First off, I'd like to thank Annie for giving me the opportunity to review this book. I am sincerely thankful for the chance she has given me to read and review this.

I love books that deals with real issues. Choices is one of those books. It deals with teenage pregancy something that isn't really new to me because I experienced it first hand. It is a sensitive topic and I liked how Annie touched the subject without being too preachy.


It reminded my of Juno, one of my favorite film of all time but of course the outcome was very different.


I thought Gracie was a great character. I felt her struggles because I have been in her place. The only difference was that she had hot GQ model-like Carter and I didn't. I was totally jealous of that. Hahaha. I wish I had a Carter that would have backed me up when I went through something like that.

Okay back to Gracie! As I said, I understood what Gracie went through. At 17, she made a decision of keeping the baby and I would have give her kudos to that. A lot would opt to have it adopted or have it aborted. It's a sad reality now a days. But Gracie owned up to her mistake and faced the consequences. The popular kids bullied her because she got pregnant early but she didn't care.


She knew there were people who truly cared about her and she doesn't give a f*ck on what they said. Nick, however, was a different story.


Nick was an a**hole to my eyes immediately. I hated the fact that even though he loved Gracie, he couldn't be man enough to face his responsibilities. Man! I was so mad at him when he was talking to Gracie on the football field. I wanted to massacre him! I mean I understand he's scared because a lot was expected from him by his mother but his actions was totally not acceptable. This was exactly the same reason why my ex-boyfriend left me. He wasn't man enough to live up to his responsibilities. He was a coward. And seriously, I hope all guys like him rot in hell!

Let's stop talking about the a**hole and start talking about Mr.Right. Carter.


I seriously loved Carter immediately. He was the guy that should have been Nick. I mean he has his share of mistakes but he changed. He was the kind of person you could depend on. Maybe it was because he was a little older than Gracie and Nick but still he was the type of guy I'd take any day. And I just freakin' wish I was as lucky as Gracie to have someone like him.

Despite all the insults and the hurt Gracie had been through, she had all the support. She has her family, her friend Meg and Mason and of course Carter. At first, she was all mopey and sad but she grew up. She had to not only for herself but for her baby. She had to mature and make a decision not only for herself but also for her baby.

I really loved Gracie and Carter. It started with friendship and then bossomed into something else. It was a little too fast for me but then again we have two more books to find out what happens to Gracie and Carter and yeah yeah Nick too.

A round of applause for Annie's second book. I haven't read her first one but I'll try to get it when I can. It was a heartwarming story about a girl who made a choice and stuck to it and a guy who was willing to be the person she could lean on.