Puppet Parade - Zeinab Alayan I could sum this book in two words: Dark and Magical.


The Puppet Parade will keep you at the edge of your seat. It is a beautifully written fairytale-like story of a girl who has never seen her face and a boy who had a weird facination with puppets.

I would have to say that this book is one of the most original books I have ever read so far. The characters, the setting, the development, it was nothing like I've ever read before. There was this certain feel to it that will keep you reading and asking for more.

I have always been a fan of fantasy books or anything that has sort of a magical feel to it and this one definitely has the right amount of that magical feel and also a little darkness to it. It wasn't your typical YA book. If I would recommend this book, I'll probably recommend it to everyone and not just YA readers because to me this book trancends age and time. Why? Because this book is not all about magic or talking and walking puppets, not just about these two characters finding the puppets but there is a deeper meaning to the story that I think even adults will enjoy.

It was wonderfully crafted to cater readers of all ages. It will take you to a place that you never knew existed because as I have mentioned to me this book was one of a kind. The unexpected twist, the childish but very descriptive way of writing and the powerful characters were enough to keep everyone reading for more.

The Puppet Parade is definitely one impressive debut. Ms. Alayan is definitely an author to watch out for.

*Thank you Ms. Alayan for giving me the opportunity to read and review your book.*