Time Between Us - Tamara Ireland Stone "I don't think I can go back to a life without you."
My face goes blank and I just stare at him. " What are you saying?"

"I'm saying...I'm completely in love with you. And...I'm wondering...what if I didn't leave, after all?


Loving someone from a distance is hard.
What's even harder is when distance is not the only thing that is keeping you apart.
But also TIME.


Anna was not expecting to meet the guy she saw at the track on one of her classes.
Bennett was the new boy at school and she was positive that he was the same guy she saw at the track earlier that day.
When they asked Bennett, he denies he was ever at the track and that he has not seen Anna before.
After that incident, Bennett started to distance himself from Anna.
Anna always wondered what she did to Bennett to make him act that way towards her.
During one of Anna's shift at their bookstore, a robber came in and threatened to hurt her if she doesn't give the stores earnings but out of the blue Bennett grabs her and the next minute they were at the park.
Bennett confessed that he was a time traveller looking for his sister and that he was from the year 2012.
Even though they both know that Bennett could not stay, they developed feelings for each other.
Aside from his ability to time travel, Bennett was still keeping something from Anna.
A secret that might change both their futures forever.

Time Between Us is a sweet memorable story about two teenager who fell in love in the most unusual circumstance. It was simple but sincere. The plot was simple and easy to follow but the twist in the end is what really caught me. I was expecting a sad, miserable ending probably like the Time Traveler's wife but I was happy that it didn't end that way.

I honestly loved the cover of this book. Just looking at the cover and without even reading the synopsis I would have picked this book up and read it. That is the power of a good cover. Sometimes it backfires though because sometimes good covers don't have good contents but this was not one of them.

Anna was one of those characters you'll love dearly. Of course, there are times when I was mad at her for forcing Bennett to do some things he doesn't want to do but honestly in the end appreciating her for what she has done. I like Anna because she thinks and she wasn't the typical girl who gets depressed because the guy leaves but she wasn't like that. I appreciate her being the strong girl that she was.

Bennett. I loved Bennett. Don't you just love the name Bennett? I surely do and when you read about him you'll see why. I read a lot of reviews mentioning that this book was kind of Twilight-ish but I couldn't really see that. Bennett was nothing like Edward. I like Edward too but no he wasn't as possessive and overprotective as Edward. Bennett was the type of guy you'll like not because he is smoking hot like aheemm Daemon but because he was sweet and thoughtful and yeah cute.

The additional characters like Emma and Justin were good additions to the story. I kind of felt that this book will not be as effective without their story.

I would like to say that I liked the chemistry between Anna and Bennett. For those of you expecting any hot steamy scenes from this book then I'd like to warn you that there is none of that here. There are a lot of sweet scenes though that will wish you were back in highschool. I loved the moment where Anna and Bennett were on the beach. I won't tell you which beach though. Hahaha.

I did notice some parts that confused me and hoped it was better explained. Like regarding his missing sister. It wasn't thoroughly explained as to how she just appeared and what he did to find her. Also the ending, I wasn't exactly thrilled about it either. I mean I like Happily-Ever-After endings but it just left me confused.

But still I'm going to give this book 5 stars. Why? Because this book was very well written and I'd have to say one of my favorite time-travelling book after Timeless. If you liked Time Traveller's wife, then this is it's YA Edition only way way better.