Why would you intentionally do something like this!!

Okay... That was an exaggeration I didn't really hate OPAL. But it made my heart ache a lot especially towards the ending.

I was reading and then on the last chapter I was like...

I thought maybe there was just something wrong with the copy that I purchased. Wishfully thinking that the ending did not end the way it did, I checked other reviews. After reading the reviews and realizing that that was really the ending... I went balistic!!

Seriously, that ending...

I hated the f*cking cliffhanger. It was outrageous. Now I have to wait a few more months before I'll be able to get over that freakin' cliffhanger ending!!

Anyways, before I go on and babble about how amazing MY DAEMON (I am overly possessive. Haha) is here on Opal. I'd just like to give you a gist on what happened here.

Dawson's back.
Adam's dead.
Dee's still angry.
Daemon's being protective.
Katy's getting worried.

Dawson has not been the same since he's came back.
He desperately wants to get Beth back since he knew the DOD still has her.
Daemon and Katy would not allow Dawson to just get himself caught again just to be with Beth.
Both of them made a promise to Dawson that they'll help him get Beth back.
Eventhough they knew it was going to be hard, they promised him that they'll do whatever it takes.
Dawson was not the only problem though.
Blake made a comeback with a proposal.
Help him get Chris out and he'll tell them everything he knows about where they are holding Beth captive.
No one trusts Blake but he's the only one who could tell them about where Beth is.

Was working with Blake the right choice?
What will be the consequences of their plans to infiltrate the DOD's hideout?
Will there be more deaths?

This book threw me over the edge.

There are just no words, I tell you. No words to explain how awesome Opal was. If you liked Obsidian and Onyx then you'll definitely go crazy over Opal. Whatever Obsidian and Onyx lacked, it has been completed in Opal. I mean seriously, I just can't get over it.

I didn't really like Katy in Onxy but in Opal I liked her all over again. She made mistakes and she wants to own up to it. I mean yeah she was still stubborn despite Daemon's constant warning but she just wouldn't listen to his reasons, that sort of stubborness. She cried a few times but I understood why. She was overwhelmed by what she can do and that was understandable.

Let me get to the good part. DAEMON. MY DAEMON.

Seriously DAEMON take me now!!

I just couldn't get over how I saw all the sides of Daemon here. The douchie-side, the sweet-side, the overprotective-side, the smartass-side gaaaahhh. All Daemon's hidden and known side of him will be on here so this is a must read. I posted this picture before in another review but I kind of think he'll look perfect as Daemon too. :)

Oh dear! I think I failed to mention how insanely cute Daemon and Katy was here. I seriously couldn't stop myself from grinning like crazy every time they had their alone time or they were bickering about something nonsensical but I loved it anyways. I think its one of the reasons why they are a cool couple.

This series is only getting better and better. Some series actually become dragging and boring after book 3 but this one? I highly doubt that, especially after that freakin' cliffhanger, i am definitely looking forward to book 4.

I want to cry so hard because I so want to get the next book now! This is what cliffhangers does to me!!

Although I am still angry that the ending was like this, I'd still gave it a 5. Why? Because other than the KillJOY ending, the rest of the book was just awesome. The story, the pacing, the development was just great. It was well thought off.

Sooo.. Do I love it?

HELL YEA I DO! ^_____^

Looking forward to more DAEMON Katy and Daemon on the next books!