Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi "She looks at me.
She searches me with those odd, blue-green eyes and I feel guilty so suddenly, without understanding why. But there is something about the way she looks at me that always makes me feel insignificant, as if she's the only one who realized I'm entirely hollow inside. She's found the cracks in this cast I'm forced to wear everyday, and it petrifies me.
That this girl would know exactly how to shatter me.

Just curious, so the previous title, Shatter Me, was the author talking about Warner?
Hmmm.. Interesting!



Seriously, at first I thought it was just a passing affection but after reading Destroy Me, I realized you were more than just the twisted, psychotic, obsessivve leader of the Sector 45. You are more than what you want others to see. You are more than what your father wants you to be.

I like Adam. I seriously do but after reading this one...



Honestly, why would the author put a novel for the villian and not the supposed male character, Adam? I don't really want to say anything about my theory about it because I might be wrong but seriously? Why right? I think there is more to Warner which is why the author would want us to know more than just his creepy-psycho leader that he was.

I liked hearing about Warner's thoughts. Actually, I like his voice more than I liked Juliette's. Nooo I'm not being biased, so shut it! Haha. But seriously, this novella shed a new light for Warner for me. On the first book, I already know he was not as bad as he make himself look like. He has his crazy moments but if you look beyond the surface you'll see that there was more to him that meets the eye.


Who knew, OCD villians could be so swoon-worthy?

According to one of Tahereh Mafi's tweet, if this book becomes a movie, this guy is the perfect Warner (I totally agree! This guy is the perfect Warner)


You Ms. Mafi have been a very bad girl


I absolutely enjoyed reading this. Exceeded my expectation for a novella. I wish she just made it into a while book because I can't seem to get enough of Warner.

Thank you Ms. Mafi for being giving us a glimpse on Warner's twisted mind. I kind of like it!