Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi WHAT.THE.HELL.WAS.THAT?!!!


Tahereh Mafi!!


How could you do this to me??!!

All my thoughts just went completely fried or toasted!!!
I wasn't expecting the complete turn of events!
It gets even better and better.
The first one got me at the edge of my seat, the second one had me screaming for me.. I wonder what the hell the third book will do to me? o.o
Dang it Ms. Mafi! I nearly went crazy on this one.

So how am I going to start reviewing this?
Geez. It's been weeks after I've done reading this but I still got a hangover the stuff that has happened.
It was mindblowing and totally unexpected.
It just gave me all sorts of things to think about.
It made me wonder what will happen next or what other stuff is there that people are hiding or if there is or I'm just being totally paranoid.

Okay so back to the review. Juliette was still at the underground facility along with the rest of the gifted peeps. Juliette was still learning to control her powers while behind her Adam was undergoing some tests on why he has some sort of protection against Juliette's deadly touch. So when Juliette found out, she freaked! That was very hard to take seriously. It was just too painful to watch them. I didn't like how their relationship turns out here but there was a twist in the story that I never knew was going to be there. I had no freakin' clue it there was going to be a love triangle here.

At first I was like,


But then Chapter 62, just blew me away!!!


It left me licking my lips and begging for more But Ms. Mafi here was being an Evil Author and cut it damn short!!! I so want more... PLEEEEAAASSEEE I WANT MORE!


I know you guys want to know who the third party is. Haha. I'm sure if you have been reading all the reviews here you would have known by now. But I'll tell you anyways.. W.A.R.N.E.R. That's the character that you should be looking out for in this book. Seriously, he's a book character but he already got me thinking twice about whether Adam was really the right choice for Juliette. I dunno, Adam seemed a little too soft for me in this book. And Juliette is already soft. I'm sorry. I'm not a big fan of Juliette in this book. She became such a weak character for me here but glad to know she got her spark back towards the end.



This guy was such a big surprise!! I knew there was a reason why there was that novella Destroy Me. There was!! Unless, Ms. Mafi will be making a novella for Adam too now it is really going to make me wonder who will end up with Juliette. I don't care if he's a crazy and obsessive. I still think he and Juliette belongs together. It was so damn obvious on this book.

But what about Adam you say? Hmmm.. That is a tough question. Geezz. I like Adam but like I said earlier. He was too weak for me in this book. He became a little boring for me compared to how strong Warner's character became in this book.

I'm completely torn. I liked Adam and Juliette on the first book but now I'm not so sure. Now I am completely frustrated that I have to wait a year before I'll be able to know who Juliette chooses or ends up with!!! Isn't that freakin' frustrating????


Why do you enjoy torturing your readers Ms. Mafi!! Come on! Make it come earlier. Haha. Maybe this April or May?? Come on and be merciful to your avid readers who can't wait to get their hands on this one of a kind book.

I'll have to say that Ms. Mafi is one of the most creative writers ever. I don't think I've ever read another book that had the same feel as Shatter Me. It's on a totally different level and its that awesome.


If I'm going to talk some more I would be blabbering all about Warner and I wouldn't want you guys knowing about him more without reading it. So for those who haven't read it yet, please do read it. It's an amazing book with a very twisted twist that will blow your head up!!

I'm going to end with what I think is the best line I've heard so far in this series. For those who haven't read this second book yet, I'll let you guys guess who said these three words.

"You destroy me."