Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1) - Abbi Glines “He wasn't what sent me running. He was what had made me want to stay.”

So I wasn't expecting to really like this book but I freakin' did!
Abbi Glines. I am going to be devouring all your books soon so be ready for more fangirling and swooning from me! :p


Fallen Too Far is one of those books you'll never be able to forget easily and would leave you hanging over the edge that you can't help but beg for the next one.

Blaire Wynn went through a lot in life. Her dad walked out on them. Her mom got sick and had no one but her. Her ex-bf Cain was a douche. She never was able to enjoy what was supposed to be her teenage life because she was too busy taking care of her mom and herself.

After her mom passed away, she knew she needed help until she could could find a job and save up so she could start her own life. She asked her father for help. She drove from Alabama to Florida on her old truck. And upon arriving there, instead of finding her father, he was greeted by the not-so willing to greet her her hotter-than-hell stepbrother, Rush Finlay. Turns out her good-for-nothing father is out on a trip with his new wife. What a decent guy he is huh?

Rush was the type of guy you won't be able to resist. One look at you with that silvery eyes and that smile and you'll be hooked. He may be sleeping with a different girl every night but there was more to this guy than meets the eye. Also, he was harboring a secret that would change Blaire's life forever.


I wasn't really expecting to love this. I was actually just looking for a very light and fun love story how this book ended was totally not what I was expecting. That's a good thing actually. Some books nowadays is very predictable and I end up just not finishing them because of it but this one?? I devoured it until the last page.


Let's start with Blaire. I think she kind of looks somewhat like this girl below. I'm not sure who she is or if she's an actress but I kind have her in my mind as Blaire.


I love Blaire. She's my type of female lead character. She was strong although she's a little naive at times. I'm just so proud of her for being there for her mother and not depending on her good-for-nothing father. She didn't have a lot and she could work with that. She wasn't your typical female lead. Although she was a damsel and is distressed but she doesn't need any crap from Prince Charming.She just has this BIG heart for everyone even for Rush who at some point I thought didn't deserve it.

So now, let's talk about the sexy man-whore Rush.


So I'm not such a big fan of Rush on the early part of this book. It wasn't until near towards the end that I really felt for him. Why wasn't I a fan of him? Well because he the type of guy I would hate to meet. He was the type who sleeps with a different girl every night without a care and he was also the type who could ger away with it. Why? Because he was extremely gorgeous and sexy. Not to mention he is the son of a rock icon which actually adds up to his appeal. And not only that, he was filthy rich. Yep. You got it. He got everything but what he also has a secret that I wish he hadn't kept. You'll get attached to him as the story go along though because he was more than what he does show people.

So there are a couple of characters here that I liked too. One example was Grant. I really really liked Grant and I wish he'd have a story of his own. I actually thought he was going to be the third-wheel in this story but I'm also glad he wasn't. He deserve a better story than this. Haha. This is already too crazy. Also there's Woods, who I thought was also one of those typical rich boys who like to fool around with girls just like Rush but he wasn't. I was wrong about him and I absolutely loved him.

There were some that I liked but there were some i detested so bad I wanna murder them in their sleep if possible. There's NAN. The wicked sister of Rush. I'm not going to give out spoilers about her. All you guys need to know about her is that she is one hell-of-a-BITCH. And also there's Blaire's dad. I hate him from start to finish. He have no balls seriously!!!




These two lovebirds definitely have chemistry. It is totally undeniable. I just think that Rush's bad boy image is a little too over-used already in the YA/NA books. I'm actually reading another book that has the exact same guy. Rich guy who has family issues and is being a rebel about it. But for Rush's case he was being an ass to Blaire for a reason. What that reason is well you'll have to read it to know. :p

Anyhow, I just love the chemistry between them especially in that car scene. Oh SWEET HEAVENS! I wish that was meeee!!!



This book just really caught me off-guard and I loved it. I loved how stuff started but I don't freakin' like the ending.


That was a very cruel way to end a book even if there is a sequel. Let me correct myself, especially if there is a SEQUEL. People will go crazy to get the other book after reading something like that on the ending.


And honestly, I was a little disappointed with Rush. He totally shouldn't have kept it from Blaire. HE SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT. I mean I wouldn't wanna change it but if it happened in real life, i wish the person involved wouldn't keep something like that a secret. The other person deserves to know the truth. I feel very sorry for Blaire towards the end. She didn't deserve any of that.


All in all, I really loved it. The development of the story was a little too slow for me but it kind of worked as well. I loved the easy vibe at first but turns out there were secrets and lies that have yet to be revealed. It was unexpected and I love that.

My rating for this would be: 5 stars definitely along with 4 of these annoyingly cute anime girls!


“Everyone always says that love was enough. It wasn't. Not when your soul has been shattered.”