Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn “You've been checking me out, haven't you? In-between your flaming insults? I feel like man candy.”

I love Jennifer Armentrout!! So when I heard she's doing a Contemporary New Adult, this was how I looked like:


So when I finally got a copy of Wait for you, I really just couldn't wait to read it!!

To be honest, it didn't start okay for me.
On the first half of the book, my reaction is like:



I actually thought I wasn't going to finish this but I being a super big fan of J.Armentrout and the tons of good reviews about it, I went on.

Sooooo after the first half of the book, this was me:



So after I finished this, I completely get why people are crazy over this book!!!

It was just absolutely awesome!!!

Let me tell you THE GIST of the story.

Avery Morgansten has a past that she was trying to escape.
Experiencing a traumatic event at an early age changed her.
The people who she thought would be there for her, turned away from her.
And the two people who should be supporting her, her parents, lead her to a decision that she shouldn't have.

Not a freshman, Avery decided to enrol at a university far away from where her parents are, from where everything happened.
She wanted a clean start.
She wanted to forget.

Cameron Hamilton was something Avery was not expecting.
Cam who was charming, handsome and very persistent.

Avery knew better than to get attached to someone.
She knew that she couldn't let anyone get too close because in doing that, letting someone in, would require her to open up a part of her that she doesn't want anyone else to know.

But Avery can't help but be attached to Cam.
He brings out the good in Avery.
But will her secret break them apart or will it tie them closer to each other?


I don't expect anything less from J.Armentrout! All her previous work, I know and love.
There is no doubt about her skill in writing and getting all her readers wrap around her books and her characters so I was expecting this book would WOW me like the rest of them.
Oh another thing!!
All J.Armentrout's male lead are just so AMAZING so I was expecting CAM to be just as amazing as the others...



Let's talk about THE CHARACTERS



Okay first, we have red-head Avery.

Dear Avery,

I wasn't a fan of you at first because you were such an anti-social bitch person! Seriously. I hated listening reading about you whine about how you couldn't let people in because of your past. Everyone has a past sweetheart, and most of them much worse than yours.

Sometimes I wanna tell to you..


But after a while, I realized how hard it has been for you. And I actually want to literally kick myself for not understanding the trauma of what happened to you. It was horrifying and for me, that shouldn't have happened. You are a strong person who trusted your parents to do the right thing for you which they didn't by the way. I am so proud of what you did towards the ending.

By the way, if you ever push Cam away, I won't be so forgiving.
I'll definitely STEAL HIM AWAY!!



Dear Cam,


Why do you have to be so amazing? Why do you have to love Avery and not me??? Wweeeeee!!! Just thinking about you does things to me.

And also just so you know..


But seriously, you are just an amazing guy. You may have done something in the past that you were not proud of but that didn't stop you to be better. I wish all guys will be like you. I love how you never ever gave up on Avery even when she was being a total bitch to you. You were persistent and understanding and seriously SMOKING HOT. There is nothing to dislike!! And that tattoo!! OOOhh Boy! :D

If in anyway, Avery decides to push you away, rest assured that I am just waiting here. Haha. :D

AVERY + CAM = Sweet Sexy Love


I just love this couple.
Okay at first I was a bit scared for these two at first.
Obviously, at first, I wasn't exactly very happy with Avery with all her negative vibes and then Cam has this lively, outgoing feel to him.
I thought this was going to be a disaster waiting to happen but of course, it didn't.
It just gotten so good.
I love their chemistry. Their cute discussions. Cam persistently asking Avery to go out and she always declines.
It was cute and sweet.
And when things got really heavy, their chemistry got even better!
I love both of them!!
But of course I love Cam more because of the so many things he'd done for Avery. I wish I had my own Cam.
He reminds me of my Andrew Parrish (Edge of Never).

Final Thoughts

I seriously had my doubts I was going to like this book on the first part but hell J. Armentrout just surprises me EVERY FREAKIN TIME!!!
Wait for You however reminds me of another book by Laurie Halse Anderson.
The title of the book is Speak.
They also had a movie made for it staring Kirsten Stewart.
So the reason why I didn't give it a 5 is because of this.
It wasn't entirely unique to me.
Although Wait for You is a New Adult book and Speak is Young Adult, the main character for both experienced the same thing when they were young.
Although, Wait for You has a sexy Cam which was a plus whereas Speak did not dwell on the romance part of it.
But anyhow, I still enjoyed it!
I definitely enjoyed devouring CAM each page of this book.
I am looking out for more of J.Armentrout's New Adult book because for sure, they will not disappoint.

4 Happy Stars!!