Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout “That´s an alien. I´m an alien. We´re aliens. Aliens everywhere, acutally, which is why we have to leave. I´m sure someone called the police by now.”

Finally, after a long reviewing hiatus (again...) I'm finally able to review something! YEHEY to me! LOL.


I loved Daemon since the moment I laid my eyes on him. Well literally I didn't lay my eyes on him physically but well you guys know what I mean. :p Anyways, I heard about the new adult spin-off of the Lux series and was instantly interested. Jennifer Armentrout hasn't disappointed me so far. I've love all her books even the contemporary ones. Obsession is by the far the most fierce, heart-pounding, suspenseful and over-the-top sexy amongst all her novels. And like all her other books, I am totally hooked.

Who would have thought that I'd like an Arum? I definitely did not expect that one.

What's this book about?

Serena has gotten herself tangled into some deep trouble when her friend overhears something that she was not suppose to hear. Although she doesn't believe a word her friend said, friend got killed because of it and she was the next target.

Enter the arrogant and undeniably hot Arum Hunter who was tasked to watch over Serena. Who does he work for? The DOD. Did that surprise me? Not really.

How was it different from the Lux series?

Well let me count the ways...

1. This is more for mature audience really. It has more of the steamy, sexy scenes not suitable for younger YA readers. It has more graphic scenes that are so vivid you'd feel yourself drooling... Well not really but you get what I mean right? :p

2. The Lux series focused more on the Luxens but here we see the side of the Arums which is not so bad if you ask me. Hunter is just... annoyingly perfect. First time you meet him you'll already know what type of guy he is. The good-looking-without-trying-type-of-guy-that-will-annoy-you-to-your-wits-because-of-his-arrogance-but-you'll-still-learn-to-love-anyways. That the type of guy he is. And let's face it, Hunter has a lot going on for him too so watch out Daemon.

3. We see a side of the Arums that have never really been shown in all the books in the Lux series (yet). I'm not sure if this cutie here will make an appearance in the next book as Daemon definitely made a cameo on this one.

4. The Dual POV is definitely something that I loved about this. I wish that the Lux series was told the same way as I only get glimpses on what Daemon is thinking through the short POVs that JLA is making.

Let's face it, JLA is a damn amazing writer. She knows how to develop her characters. She knows what the readers want. She knows when she has to keep the readers on their toes on what will happen next.

I loved this book. It was just amazing. Its a must read for those who love their steamy adult paranormal books. ^__^