~Sandee*Stuck in Wonderland~

I'm Sandra or Sandee. :D I am addicted to books (as well as my book bfs). As much as reading, I also like to write. I write whenever I am inspired and right now I am very much inspired. I am actually a slow reader now because of work and being a single mom but I still try to get as much books on my hand as I can. HOW I RATE THE BOOKS I READ 5 stars : I am head over heals in love with this books. It left me speechless! Highly recommended.  4 stars : I really liked it. There was so many things to love about it. Would recommend it. 3 stars : I liked it. It kept me reading. 2 stars : There were good things here and there but I didn't like it much. 1 stars : Oh No! I did not just read that. Epic Fail. or it could also mean DNF (Did not finish the book) It didn't have much to go on for me. Feel free to leave me comments and book recommendations because I totally love them. :)